Tone and Tighten

Tone and Tighten

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  • DMK Pore Reduction Drops 30 ml Refining Tonic Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Pore Reduction Drops

    DMK Pore Reduction Drops Tighten and refine open pores without stripping the skins natural oils. Use these drops on the nose and surrounding facial areas. DMK Pore Reduction Drops was last modified: November 14th, 2018 by InSkin

    30 ml (1 fl oz)

  • DMK Body Sculpting Cream 120 ml Body Contouring Cream Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Body Sculpting Cream

    DMK Body Sculpting Cream enhances cellulite breakup and is a breakthrough system designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst contouring, tightening and re-shaping the body in stubborn areas. Please be aware however that this body sculptor is not for use on diabetics or pregnant women. DMK Body Sculpting Cream was last modified: November 14th, 2018 by InSkin

    120 ml (4 fl oz)

  • DMK Fine Line Creme 30 ml

    DMK Fine Line Crème

    DMK Fine Line Crème is suitable for application around the eye, neck, top lip or any very dry and lined areas. The Fine Line hydrating crème is an extremely nourishing crème. It is formulated with a rich blend of apricot, avocado pulp and corn oil, it provides a rich source of vitamins and nutrients which aim to strengthen and repair even the…

    30 ml (1 fl oz)

  • DMK Biogen C Creme 15ml

    DMK Biogen C Crème

    DMK Biogen C Crème is an instant pick-me-up crème designed to tone and tighten dull, tired and stressed skin. Biogen C Crème is specifically designed to revise the signs of ageing and fragile capillaries as well as reactive skin conditions. It can also be used post-surgery on bruised areas. DMK Biogen C Crème was last modified: November 12th, 2018 by InSkin

    15ml (1/2oz)