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  • DMK Maximum Moisture Lotion 240 ml Moisturizing Body Lotion Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Maximum Moisture Lotion

    Deeply nourishing and hydrating, DMK Maximum Moisture Lotion contains avocado oil and corn oil which are both rich sources of lipids. It also contains nourishing proteins and vitamins as well as peppermint oil for cooling and soothing. maximum moisture is also great to extend the life of a spray tan without a greasy after feeling. When used in conjunction with the hydra louffa, it…

    240 ml (8 oz)

  • DMK Hydra Louffa 240 ml Body & Bath Wash Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Hydra Louffa

    DMK Hydra Louffa is a superb, refreshing body cleanser and exfoliant in one.  This Hydra Louffa can be applied directly to the skin while showering or enjoyed in the bath. It contains no harsh detergents and is particularly effective for skin conditions such as acne breakouts on the back, chest or anywhere on the body as it contains no harsh ingredients. The…

    240 ml (8oz)

  • DMK Calerase Cream 60 ml Exfoliating Foot Cream Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Calerase Cream

    Get your baby feet back with DMK Calerase Cream. DMK’s Calerase is designed to soften dry hard callouses on the feet as well as hands and cuticles. This formulation will leave the skin feeling supple and free from dry dead skin. Calerase can also be used to minimize ingrown hairs. DMK Calerase Cream was last modified: November 13th, 2018 by InSkin

    60 ml (2 fl oz)

  • DMK Body Sculpting Cream 120 ml Body Contouring Cream Available at InSkin Laser & Body

    DMK Body Sculpting Cream

    DMK Body Sculpting Cream enhances cellulite breakup and is a breakthrough system designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst contouring, tightening and re-shaping the body in stubborn areas. Please be aware however that this body sculptor is not for use on diabetics or pregnant women. DMK Body Sculpting Cream was last modified: November 14th, 2018 by InSkin

    120 ml (4 fl oz)